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Character Animation. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to show an idea, with the complement of 2D character animations the result is so much better. At ONIX we are always perfecting our skills in character animation and rigging.

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Animate with Facial expressions & Body language 

The key on any character animation is fill it with details, we try our best to make our characters full of life. This way we make sure the meaning of the video is more credible.

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Right for Corporate

This kind of video projects are the perfect tool for Business companies that have special requests and don't want or can't shoot a video.

audience grow

In this social media era videos are proven to be the most viewable posts. So if you want to increase your audience you need great animation videos.

Hit the target

With a nice brief and some research before the job is done we can hit the right style for every client and his audience.


As this animations are specifically made for each cliente we can make any adjustment while or after the projects is finish so u don't need to redo anything for a campaign continuation

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